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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Wrongful trading; don’t get personally caught out

23 November 2015: All too often, directors are unaware of the risks of continuing to trade at a time when the company is considered to be insolvent. Wrongful trading is a common trap that directors fall into when the business is struggling. No one ever teaches directors about the consequence of business failure, and why...
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More successful returns to creditors

19 November 2015: We are pleased to report that, in a number of cases being managed by our Coventry office, we have recently been able to return funds to creditors. A.C.K. (Haulage) Limited was incorporated in April 1983 and traded primarily as a road haulage contractor.  After many years of successful trading, the company fell upon...
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HMRC continue to issue Accelerated Payment Notices (APN)

10 November 2015: The Hitchin office has experienced a rise in enquiries relating the APNs issued by HMRC. HMRC have the support of the Treasury and continue to issue APNs, clamping down on disputed corporate tax avoidance schemes. Only 90 days are being given to companies and individuals to arrange payment of the full amount...
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