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Monthly Archives: October 2015

BRI Northampton – significant dividends paid

28 October 2015: BRI's Northampton Office would like to report on two creditors voluntary liquidations whereby dividends have recently been paid to creditors. Timsons Limited, a company founded in 1896, entered voluntary liquidation on 4 February 2015. Asset realisations have been significant and the Joint Liquidators are pleased to report that the sum of £375,000 has...
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Law Changes Should Help To Disqualify More #DodgyDirectors

27 October 2015:  Alan Limb from BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency’s Southampton office explains how a recent change in legislation is designed to disqualify more unfit Directors. Whenever a Company goes into Liquidation, Administration or Receivership the Insolvency Practitioner who is appointed has to report on the behaviour of the Company’s Directors. This includes anyone who...
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Signs of insolvency – when to seek advice

20 October 2015: It is often remarked that the insolvency profession would do more "rescue" work if directors sought advice earlier, i.e. before a formal insolvency procedure is the only available option.  Experience shows us that it can be difficult for a director to decide when, if at all, to seek insolvency advice. A mixture...
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A charity day for the Wildlife Trust

A team from BRI Business Recovery and Insolvency have been busy helping the Wildlife Trust keep their grazing land in tip top shape for years to come. Nine staff from BRI donated their time and hard labour to help clear a large rolling field of ‘scrub’ (as we found out it was called – hedge-like growth...
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Nudge nudge, wink wink

6 October 2015: It has recently been reported in the accountancy press that HM Revenue & Customs ("HMRC") is making increasing use of so called 'nudge' letters in ongoing disputes in an attempt to extract early payment from taxpayers. The letters are reportedly being sent directly to taxpayers to circumvent the usual dispute resolution process....
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God helps those who help themselves….

1 October 2015: The above is a saying with which I am sure we are all familiar. A Bankrupt that we recently dealt with really did not help himself. Below is a summary of the matter:
  • One of our Insolvency Practitioners based at BRI's Head Office in Northampton was appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy in August 2013 by...
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